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Lucy Hale Is Ready to Solve a New Mystery in This Ragdoll Sneak Peek – E! Online

Dial it in. This mystery is starting to unravel.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the Dec. 2 episode of AMC+’s Ragdoll, DC Lake (Lucy Hale) traces a number that leads her one step closer to piecing the puzzle together. For those who need a refresher, Ragdoll follows a group of detectives looking to solve the Ragdoll Killer case, which includes the murder of six people, all of whom were dismembered and then sewn together. Hence, the nickname for the killer.

In the new scene, Lake turns to a technician for help, as a new clue has been uncovered. “The killer used this to track Eric Turner’s prison van yesterday,” she explains. “Can you tell me where he bought it?”

After the technician agrees to help Lake, she then hands her cell phone over, asking the tech expert to also track a number. They are briefly interrupted when Hannah calls Lake, but the detective constable quickly hits silent and turns back to the tech, who tells her there is a scrambler on the number she gave him.

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