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15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Money Heist

A dramatic and thrilling Spanish show that has been loved by many is already in its final season and the tension only continues to grow. Money Heist is currently one of the most popular Netflix shows and enjoys high ratings as it amasses fans from all over the world.

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There are a few interesting facts about Money Heist that viewers might not be aware of, including hidden details and special information about the show’s production. From a cameo by a football star to the hundreds of jumpsuits in the show, there are a ton of surprising fun facts about the massively successful series.


Updated on December 2nd, 2021, by Hannah Saab: There’s no shortage of interesting behind-the-scenes facts about Money Heist that even the most die-hard fans may not be aware of, which include the surprising number of jumpsuits they had to use and Arturo’s challenging experience with a real flamethrower. With Money Heist’s final season set to be released on December 3, it’s the perfect time to learn more fascinating details about the wildly popular show.

There’s A Cameo From A Soccer Megastar

It is no secret that the show has fans all over the globe and, naturally, among these fans, there are a few celebrities, such as Neymar and Stephen King. It seems that the soccer megastar was so into the series he contacted the production and asked to be a part of the show.

So in the third season of the series, there is a scene where a Brazilian monk, who goes by the name of Joao, makes an appearance. He is dedicated to his cause and not at all into soccer and partying. For those who know Neymar, it is hard to believe that this is him, but he actually did make a cameo appearance.

The Professor Has A City Name

It seems like one of the most interesting aspects of the show is the fact that the characters go by the names of famous cities around the world – except for one character. The Professor is a totally different character who is quite unique, but many fans are not aware that even he has an unofficial city name – Vatican City.

A city that is very well protected, mysterious, and filled with knowledge, Vatican City is the perfect name for the character that Álvaro Morte plays. Another interesting fact about this actor is that he actually has perfect vision in real life and it took him quite some time to get used to wearing glasses, but the show kept the look.

The First Seasons Were Shot Exclusively In Madrid

Worst Money Heist Scene according to Ursula Corbero

When the series was first beginning, they managed on a smaller budget and the scenes were a bit more modest. During this time, the cast never even left the streets of Madrid. This all changed drastically when Netflix came into the picture with its big check.

Suddenly the show got access to private islands, expensive helicopters, and Thai Buddhist temples, which all cost a lot of money but also increased the excitement and attracted a larger audience. The overseas episodes shot following Netflix’s acquisition of the series do happen outside of Spain, which means Rio and Tokyo really did get their stunning vacation on a remote island.

The Mask Is Based On Dali’s Likeness

The Money Heist crew masked on Netflix.

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol was a Spanish Surrealist artist, better known as Salvador Dali, who contributed and shaped the world of art. His bizarre style and anti-modern capitalist views left a big mark on both the Spanish and the world art scene.

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The show features an infamous mask that features the artist’s face as a way to pay homage to him and his iconic artworks. This mask is now popular all over the world and has even been used during real-life protests, underscoring how impactful the series is.

Tokyo’s City Name Was Inspired By A Shirt

Tokyo raising her hand with a rock 'n' roll salute as she looks back towards someone in Money Heist Season 5.

Tokyo’s transformation in Money Heist is one of the best story arcs on the show. It’s satisfying to see how far she has gone and how much she has changed over the course of the series. One thing that fans may not know about the character is the origin of her name, which comes from an unlikely place.

It all began when Money Heist creator Alex Pina came to work and had no idea that he would inspire his colleague Jesus Colmenar by simply choosing the right shirt with the word “Tokyo” on it. When Colmenar saw him, the idea just came to him and this is where it all began. Who knows what will be the source of his next bit of inspiration?

They Couldn’t Shoot In The Actual Mint

Money Heist Professor Royal Mint

The team behind the series had the initial idea to have a big scene filmed at The Royal Mint of Spain, which is managed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, they were not able to obtain permission to shoot there and the production had to be creative in coming up with a similar location.

Luckily for them, Madrid has plenty of historic buildings that look alike, and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIS) did the job. They only needed permission to shoot a couple of scenes outside since the rest of the shots were done in a studio.

It Was Supposed To Be Called “The Outcasts”

One of the most important things when building a concept for a show is its title. It has to be catchy with a certain flair to easily stick. The original title of the series is La Casa de Papel, in Spanish, and although it sounds perfect, this was not their first choice.

The creator, Alex Pina, had chosen the title Los Desahuciados, which translates to “The Outcasts.” Later, it was decided that the show would be named La Casa de Papel since the opening scene where the cast is robbing the Royal Mint is essentially nothing more than a “paper house.” There’s no telling if the original title may have prevented some unpopular opinions about Money Heist‘s final and controversial translation.

The English Title Is Not A Direct Translation

Money Heist Title Change

When the title La Casa De Papel was set in stone, there was another title to be decided upon and that was the one for the English-speaking audience. Eventually, the show got the English title Money Heist, which is not even close to the Spanish title. If they would have simply translated the Spanish title, the show would have been called The House of Paper.

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The logic behind the title “Money Heist” is that the characters were involved in a heist at The Royal Mint, where they stole money. Many people still believed that Money Heist and La Casa De Papel are two separate series when they are actually the same show.

The Writers Don’t Plan The Story In Advance

Some series are written all the way through, from the beginning to the end, even before the pilot episode airs. This is not the case with Money Heist, as the writers sit down every so often and write the next few following episodes.

Their philosophy is that they want to see how the audience reacts to certain things and scenes and then they decide what they will do next, which is a totally risky yet exciting way of developing a show as popular as this one. It’s fascinating to think that actors have no idea exactly what the next episodes will bring for their character, which is precisely what happened to Alba Flores, who had no idea about Nairobi’s inevitable fate until the last minute.

It Was Nearly Canceled

The show originally premiered in May 2017 and the ratings were very high, but as time passed, the ratings started falling and the grand finale was a flop. With less than half of the starting number of four million viewers, the show was just about to be canceled when Netflix came to the rescue.

The popularity increased with such drastic speed that there was no doubt that there would be a third and a fourth season, as the show became popular around the world. It’s almost unbelievable to think that the latter seasons almost didn’t exist, had it not been for Netflix’s immediate intervention.

They Used Hundreds Of Red Jumpsuits

Aside from the Dali mask, Money Heist has popularized the striking red jumpsuits both thieves and hostages wear on the show. It wouldn’t be surprising to see fans wearing these outfits for their costume parties in the foreseeable future.

Costume designer Carloz Diez had his work cut out for him, as not only did he have to ensure that the necessary people in the cast would always have a fresh supply of the red jumpsuits, but he also had to constantly replace hundreds of them as the series progressed. Over 600 jumpsuits have been made specifically for the show, as the robbers do tend to go through these quickly considering how many bullets they have to dodge on a daily basis.

Tokyo Was Never Meant To Be The Narrator

Tokyo lying down with her rifle in Money Heist Season 4.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else serving as the narrator for the show, as Tokyo has solidified her spot as the reliable voice viewers can listen to even through the most frustrating moments. This wasn’t part of the original plan of the team behind Money Heist, though, as El Mundo reports that it was a last-minute switch that elevated Tokyo’s role.

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The directors initially wanted to have the Professor narrate the entire series, but decided against it when they realized how male-dominated the cast is. They also didn’t want to add any more notoriety to the character, who’s already playing such an important part in the show.

It’s Netflix’s Most-Watched Series Of 2020

Money Heist The Professor

Money Heist has come a long way from being an obscure local show that almost got canceled, it has come so far in fact that it was Netflix’s most-watched show of 2020. The show was streamed a whopping 65 million times that year, which is a testament to its international popularity (according to The Independent).

Only time will tell if Money Heist‘s fifth season will answer questions well enough and provide fans with a satisfying ending that can live up to the standard previous seasons have set.

They Had To Look For An Actor With A “Trashy Laugh”

Money Heist Denver On Money Pile

If there’s one thing fans will always remember about Denver, it’s how his laugh perfectly sums up his personality in Money Heist. He doesn’t even need to say anything for viewers to recognize him from a mile away.

His unique laughter is actually intentional, as the team behind the show wanted to cast someone whose personality would match their envisioned version of the character. The script sent out during the casting call mentioned that the actor who plays Denver should be able to do a “trashy laugh” and Jaime Lorente was thankfully more than willing to take on that challenge.

Arturo Was Holding An Actual Flamethrower

Arturo Roman in Money Heist Season 4

Fans won’t soon forget the tense standoff between Arturo and the robbers, as the deceitful motivational speaker finds himself in an advantageous spot in a weapons depot. The entire scene took several weeks to film, as the complex angles and number of weapons present on the set meant everyone had to be at their best at all times.

Enrique Arce, the actor who plays Arturo, actually got to use a real flamethrower during the scene where he walks towards the thieves in the narrow hallway. It’s an impressive feat to pull off, considering how the enclosed space likely made it that much harder to withstand the heat from the flames while having to carry the heavy weapon.

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