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Animal Crossing Bell Glitches That Still Work To Make Money Fast

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ version 2.0 update saw the removal of the duplicate glitch, leaving fans wondering if there are any Bell glitches left.

The version 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen the removal of glitches that previously allowed players to infinitely farm Bells. Acquiring in-game currency is the main of objective of New Horizons, as players need Bells and Nook Miles to complete tasks, pay off loans, and purchase items. This has led to some players wishing upon stars for falling gold, while others have begun using less-than-favorable methods to obtain money through glitches and hacks. But Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update has seen many of these methods removed from the game, leaving players uncertain which they can still rely on.


One of the most popular methods players would use to obtain Bells was New Horizons‘ “Duplicate Glitch.” With this glitch, players could duplicate any of their items by visiting a friend’s island, dropping their items, turning off their system when the autosave icon appears, and reloading in their game to find that they have the items they dropped duplicated in their inventory. This was axed in the version 2.0 update, and though previous duplicate methods in New Horizons were rediscovered in past patches, no new ones have been found.

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While New Horizons still has many design-related glitches, the game now has no known Bell glitches left at the moment. However, there are still exploits players can use to abuse the way New Horizons works. And for the more foolhardy players who are willing to risk being banned, a popular hack makes obtaining Bells in New Horizons very easy.

New Horizons Still Has The Time Travel Exploit And Treasure Islands

Animal Crossing Time Travel

One of the most useful exploits still in New Horizons is time traveling. To time travel, all a player has to do is manipulate their system’s clock in their settings to “time travel” between any day of the year. This enables players to rapidly grow fruit on their island to sell and attain rare seasonal items. Perhaps the best thing it does is allow player to sift through the days of the week to see if they can get a good turnip prices. The best, non-exploitative way to make money in New Horizons is turnips, as players can multiply their money every week through simply buying turnips and waiting for decent offers from Timmy and Tommy. Time traveling expedites this process, as players can simply repeat the process of buying turnips and waiting for good prices as much as they want to.

However, making money off of turnips requires the player to already have the resources to purchase a significant amount of them in order to make huge profits. Some players have found illegal ways of circumventing this obstacle by building communities around Treasure Islands. Treasure Islands are not what Kapp’n takes villagers to on voyages; rather, it is a New Horizons village on a hacked Nintendo Switch. The hosts of these Treasure Islands usually leave out expensive duplicated items like “The Crown” for visitors to take and sell. The best thing these islands offer are infinitely high turnip prices, though. Batches of turnips are left in front of Nook’s Cranny for visitors to pick up, and if they sell only one batch, they will receive the highest amount of Bells possible, which is 999,999,999. Those who are interested in this possibility should know that using Treasure Islands could get them console banned, and in cases where Treasure Islands have a price of entry, they may be considered illegal.

Though there are no Bell glitches left in New Horizons after its version 2.0 update, players still have plenty of options when it comes to making money in the game. Hopefully Animal Crossing lovers only stick to exploits rather than illegal hacks. And besides, given the dedication of New Horizons fans, new glitches will certainly be found in time.

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