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Attack on Titan: Eren’s Final Form is the Series’ Most Horrifying Titan

Eren Jaeger’s final form in Attack on Titan is the series’ most horrifying Titan both in his appearance and in the terrible actions Eren is committing

Warning: contains spoilers for the entirety of Attack on Titan

The Titans that plagued the world of Attack on Titan are some of the most fear-inducing creatures in all of manga history, but none so frightening as Eren Jaeger’s final Titan form. Eren first realized he had the power of a Titan after he was eaten by one in his first-ever Titan-killing mission. Since then, he has used his mysterious power to fight for humanity’s survival, battling Titans of all forms and even battling other people with the Titan transformation ability. In the series’ final arc, Eren pushes the limits of his power and becomes the very thing he once swore to destroy in horrifying fashion. 


In Attack on Titan Chapter 138 by Hajime Isayama, Eren unleashes the wrath of the Attack Titan upon the citizens of Marley amid the ongoing war between his people, and all the people behind the walls on Paradis Island known as the Eldians, and the fascist state of Marley who systematically targeted Eldians for centuries, both killing them and turning them into Titans. In the attack that wiped out eighty percent of humanity, Eren used the combined power of what he received as a child along with that which he collected himself as an adult after consuming other human-Titans and put an end to the war once and for all. 

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Before the attack, Eren gained the power to control Titans, and after realizing that the walls on Paradis Island were lined with Colossal Titans, he used his power to order them to attack Marley. During his manipulation of Attack on Titan’s largest Titans, Eren took the form of an even bigger monster, resembling that of a twisted skeleton towering over his godly army. While terrifying, that wasn’t even Eren’s final form, which was more reminiscent of his original Attack Titan form though roughly the size of a Colossal Titan. On the surface his previous Titan was more horrifying until readers took a look at Eren’s human body within his Titan form. 

Usually, when a human transforms into a Titan, their bodies are buried in the nape of the Titan’s neck, with their physical body relatively unchanged while piloting the monstrous form. When Eren reaches his final form though, he is fully immersed into the Titan’s physiology with his human body unrecognizable. Eren in this form, existing within the Titan’s mouth rather than the nape of the neck, retains his human head though it is suspended from the back of the Titan’s throat attached to a snake-like elongated spine. 

Eren’s second to final form is terrifying, but it is the physical changes Eren’s human body undertakes in his final form that is a truly hellish vision of pure terror. Plus, Eren’s actions while in his final form made him the monster he appeared to be. In the end, Eren is remembered as a hero as he unites the world from his genocidal actions and rids the world of Titans with his death. However, the actions he had to take in order to achieve his higher calling turned him into a monster, and the Titan form he took on while committing the nearly apocalyptic act made it all the more terrifying. Eren Jaeger’s final form is the most horrifying Titan in Attack on Titan, both in appearance and in action.

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