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Attack On Titan: Every Titan Shifter Explained

Attack On Titan’s Titan Shifters are humans who can control their transformation, and here’s all nine of these creatures explained.

Here are all nine Titan Shifters in Attack On Titan explained. Attack On Titan was created by Hajime Isayama, with the manga taking place inside a walled city where what remains of humanity shelter themselves from giant, man-eating creatures dubbed Titans. The story kicks off when the outer wall is breached and a flood of these beasts enter the city, leading to devastating casualties. Protagonist Eren Yeager joins the Survey Corps — who are specially trained to bring down the giants — to fight back.

Attack On Titan later received a popular anime adaptation, which had led to it becoming a popular franchise. The story is filled with shocking twists, gory battles, and likable heroes — and villains — and it remains consistently popular. There was a two-part Japanese film adaptation in 2015 that fans were very mixed on, while the franchise has also received video games and a theme part. Andy Muschietti (IT) is set to direct an English language take on the manga, which currently has no set release date.


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One of the first major twists in Attack On Titan is that certain people can transform into Titans at will, with each one having unique abilities. They are known as the Titan Shifters, with the Ymir Fritz becoming the first approximately 2,000 years ago. Here’s a breakdown of each Attack on Titan Titan Shifter (like Eren), who they are, and every Shifter’s powers explained.

Attack on Titan Shifters Explained

Eren Kruger in Attack On Titan anime

Titan Shifters put simply, are humans in possession of the “Titan’s power,” which allows them to transform into Titans. Unlike regular Titans, they are able to control their regular form and retain their human intelligence. It is often noted that Shifters are more powerful than regular Titans, with the humans themselves gaining the Titan’s ability to regenerate and making them capable of vastly improved healing abilities, with some even regenerating lost limbs in their human forms. To transform from human to Shifter, they must suffer an injury that draws blood, with many Shifters self-inflicting these wounds in order to prompt the blood change. Their human bodies are subsequently merged with the Titan’s flesh inside, rendering them immobile. It is also visible that their eyes are connected within the body of the Titan (differing from Abnormals), presumably for optic vision outside the body.

Colossus Titan

Colossal Titan attack on titan

Arguably the most iconic giant in the Attack On Titan franchise, the Colossus Titan is the tallest of the creatures and is the one that breached the wall. Bertolt Hoover was the former possessor of this power and the Colossus can emit a huge amount of steam.

Armored Titan

Armored Titan attack on

As the name implies, the Armored Titan has thick armored plates all over its skin, making it nearly impossible to take down — although this armor comes at the cost of speed. Reiner Braun is the current Armored Titan and the giant can also create claws for itself.

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Female Titan

Female Titans attack on titan

The Female Titan’s human form is the tragic Annie Leonhart, and this giant’s main ability is to attract other Titans with a scream. She can also harden her skin, which is useful for offensive and defensive uses, and she can run at great speed.

Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan attack on

Attack On Titan’s Jaw Titan is one of the smallest, and in addition to its incredible speed it’s known for its formidable jaws that can chew through pretty much anything. Attack On Titan’s Ymir Fritz and Marcel Galliard are former inheritors of this power.

Cart Titan

Cart Titan attack on

The Cart Titan is one of the most unique Titans in the series and is notable for walking on all fours. Alongside great speed and endurance, the Cart Titan is also able to wear various armaments on its back; Pieck Finger is the current wielder of this ability.

Beast Titan

Beast Titan attack on

Tom Ksaver was the former holder of the Beast Titan power, and this Titan is notable for its animalistic look. Like the Female Titan, it can harden its skin and is known for throwing things like rocks with terrifying power and speed.

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War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan attack on

Arguably one of the creepiest looking Titans in Attack on Titan — which is saying something — the War Hammer has the T-1000-style ability to form stabbing weapons from its own flesh. This includes the titular hammer, and this Titan has the unique ability to be controlled by an operator via a string of flesh.

Attack Titan

Attack Titan on

Attack On Titan protagonist Eren possesses the Attack Titan power, which was inherited from his father Grisha. It’s a powerful fighter, but its main ability is its inheritance of memories from past possessors of the power — in addition to future memories too.

Founding Titan

Founding Titan attack on

Easily Attack On Titan’s most powerful creature, the Founding Titan can control or create other Titans and manipulate memories via telepathy. Possessors of this power must have royal blood, with Ymir Fritz being the very first Titan while others such as Uri Reiss have inherited the power.

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