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Every Mini-Bunnies Location in Star Ocean: The Divine Force


Here are all the Mini-Bunny locations in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Mini-Bunnies can be exchanged for Fol, accessories as well as other materials.

Mini-Bunnies are one of the main collectibles in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. They are dispersed across the game and are available in particular areas. These are collectibles that are exchangeable for Fol, accessories, and other goods via a Big-Bunny later on in the story. After arriving at Devotion Hill, the Big-Bunny is accessible. Here, once the player regains control, there is a huge pink bunny in the vicinity. Interacting with the Big-Bunny makes all the Mini-Bunnies that are gathered up to that point to be immediately exchangeable. The Big Bunny resembles the one that is outside Larcette Village.


While on the field, D.U.M.A’s Scan capability is very helpful in looking for Mini-Bunnies in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. The full-screen map or mini-map will eventually show a small rabbit icon. Moving up near this icon will reveal a little rabbit running erratically in the vicinity. Mini-Bunnies are typically found in every vast area of Divine Force, as well as occasionally in villages and cities. Additionally, in the wild, players may want to keep an ear out for the little sounds made by small feet. It is quite helpful to have Extend Scan on D.U.M.A, especially when it is at level four.

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All Mini-Bunny Locations In Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Players should note that these are general locations of the mini-bunnies since they typically roam around in these areas. The actual specific spots on the map only act as marking points, so players will likely need to do some exploring before they can run into their desired bunny. Some of these 18 bunnies do not spawn in dungeons until after completing Star Ocean, so it is best to wait until the endgame to begin collecting them all.

  • Larcasse Weald
  • Mhedume Ruins
  • Larcasse Region
  • Del’vyr Region
  • Edahli Region
  • Village of Eda
  • Hallowed Mount Galca-Lemthas
  • Cottorinth Region
  • The Aucerian Highroad
  • Nihlbeth
  • Veyl’ Region
  • Baldaar Citadel
  • Royal Capital Acendros City
  • Parrapoeiam
  • Aucerius Plains
  • Imperial Capital
  • Hybrid Research Vessel Terranus
  • Paladurnia

Players may find it easier to collect them as they progress through the story, however, as previously mentioned, not all bunnies are accessible at certain points of the story. Mini-Bunnies are a key part of experiencing Star Ocean: The Divine Force as they provide options for acquiring other materials within the game as well as can be a fun completionist quest after having beaten the game.

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    Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the sixth flagship installment in the Star Ocean franchise, following up Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness released back in 2016. Players assume the role of Captain Raymond Lawrence in the middle of a routine transport mission when they’re suddenly attacked by the Pangalactic Federation unprovoked. Forced to make a crash landing on an underdeveloped world, Raymond is forced to utilize the assistance of locals unfamiliar to the advances of intergalactic civilization, such as Princess Laeticia. To find potential survivors of his ship, Raymond will partner with the princess and new friends as they begin a journey on which the universe’s fate depends. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on high-speed combat where players can switch between heroes, upgrade their stats and learn new skills as they traverse the largest world in the Star Ocean series to date.

    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

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