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Evil Dead: The Game – The Best Necromancer Skills to Get First

The Necromancer in Evil Dead: The Game uses skeleton units to surround and attack Survivors, and there are a few Talent Tree skills to focus on first.

The Necromancer class is one of three demon types to choose from in Evil Dead: The Game, and there are specific skills that should be unlocked first to make it easier to win. Necromancers use their abilities to quickly overwhelm groups of Survivors, so their best skills are the ones that improve their summoning capabilities and the power of their units. Some skills also affect Survivors negatively, and those can be helpful when first starting out to gain an easy advantage.

There are three different units that the Necromancer can summon in Evil Dead: The Game, including basic skeletons, elite skeletons, and the boss unit, Evil Ash. Some skills will affect the Necromancer’s abilities, like Demonic Dash, but most of them are specific to the demon’s units. Improving the Necromancer’s units will make it much easier to overpower a group of Survivors early in a match.


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Like any of the other characters in Evil Dead: The Game, the Necromancer has an active skill and three passive skills that are unlocked as players level up. The active skill, Flute To Kill, increases the damage and defense of units near the flutist. At level 15, Skelephobia unlocks and will increase Survivor fear levels when they are near skeletons. Motivational Music unlocks at 25 and Skeletal Injury unlocks at the Necromancer’s max level of 45. Motivational Music increases the bonus damage and defense provided by the flutist, and Skeletal Injury increases the damage nearby Survivors receive. The active and passive Necromancer abilities can be combined with a few good Talent Tree skills so players can easily win matches even at lower levels.

Best Talent Tree Skills For The Necromancer In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game The Best Necromancer Skills to Get First Talent Tree

The Necromancer’s max level in Evil Dead: The Game is 45, and there are a lot of options to choose from in the Talent Tree, but there are a few skills that should be prioritized. Increasing damage and the effectiveness of certain skills will greatly improve a player’s chances of winning a match as the Necromancer. Some skills can also increase the maximum health of the Necromancer’s units, but they aren’t as significant as a few of the other abilities.

  • Come Back Stronger: Resurrected skeletons have increased maximum health, come back with full health, and can deal more damage.
  • Flute Force: Increases the flute effect range. The flute is the Necromancer’s most powerful skill in Evil Dead: The Game, and improving the range will make it more difficult for Survivors to fight off the summoned units.
  • Infernal Revenue: Increases the amount of Infernal Energy received from Infernal Orbs. This skill will make it easier to be able to summon units quickly.
  • Bone Rage: Skeletons attack more frequently. The attack frequency is only increased by 5%, but it’s still worth unlocking due to the summoning abilities of the Necromancer.
  • Irreparable Damage: Survivors cannot gain health from any source after being hit by an Evil Ash attack. While this skill will take a little longer to unlock than the others, it’s a good Necromancer ability to acquire in Evil Dead: The Game because it increases the chances of killing Survivors.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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