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Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity: How to Reroll Mods

With so many different weapon & gadget mods in Far Cry 6: Vaas Insanity, knowing how to reroll could come in very handy when the RNG deals a bad hand.

In Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity, players can reroll Weapon Cases and Gadgets at The Armory to maximize builds on their Rogue-lite runs. To reroll mods players will have to buy the 1st green rarity upgrade to a Weapon Case or upgrade their Envy Trait at The Mirror. Every Weapon Case and Gadget slot can be rerolled including the starting 1911 Pistol Case. Keep in mind that weapons found while exploring the Main Map of Far Cry 6 will not have the ability to reroll mods. Players can reroll mods on upgraded weapons at any Armory including Armories at Safe Houses they have cleared.

To reroll a weapon, head to The Armory and open any unlocked Weapon Case in the Weapon Case Tab. The bottom right corner of the screen will tell players if they are eligible to reroll mods on their weapon. If available, press the “Reroll Mods” button to reroll the weapon. Rerolling mods cost Cash and every time players reroll the same weapon, it will increase the amount of Cash cost. For example, the 1911 Pistol Case initially cost 5 Cash to reroll, but after 4-5 rerolls, the cost of the 1911 Pistol Case in Far Cry 6 will be 10 Cash per reroll. Keep in mind, that equipped weapons or “Sold Out” weapons will not have the ability to reroll unless players upgrade the rarity of the Weapon Case or leave Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity and return back to the starting area.


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To reroll Gadgets, head to The Armory and move to the Refills Tab. From there, players will see a section called “Gadget Refills”, hover over any available Gadget that is equipped. A pop-up menu will appear and it will have the option to reroll or refill the Gadget. Press the reroll button to reroll the Gadget, when rerolling, the game will give a random Gadget that is different from the Gadgets the player currently has equipped. For example, if the player already has the Far Cry 6 Sticky Grenades Upgrade, the reroll system will give the player the Throwing Knives Upgrade instead.

Weapon Rarity in Far Cry 6

Weapon Case Rarities in Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity

For Weapon Cases, the rarity level will determine how many attachments will be rerolled at once. Here is what every rarity level offers in terms of attachment rerolls types.

  • Green Rarity: 1-2 Modifications, Red Dot Sight/ACOG, or Perk.
  • Blue Rarity: 2-3 Modifications, Red Dot Sight/ACOG, Front Barrel Attachment, or 1-2 Perks.
  • Purple Rarity: 3-4 Modifications, Red Dot Sight/ACOG, Front Barrel Attachment, Laser Pointer Attachment, or 2-3 Perks.
  • Yellow Rarity: 4-5 Modifications, Red Dot Sight/ACOG, Front Barrel Attachment, Laser Pointer Attachment, or 3-4 Perks.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Cloud Gaming.

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