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Grey’s Anatomy Trailer Reveals Meredith’s Last Day At Grey Sloan


In a teaser for the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) says goodbye to the hospital that has been her home for 19 seasons.

A teaser for the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy shows Meredith Grey’s last day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The series, which was created by Shonda Rhimes in 2005 and has since run for 19 seasons, has been centered around Grey, as played by Ellen Pompeo, throughout its nearly 20 year history. The actress has remained dedicated to the series throughout that time, appearing in nearly every episode, though before the new season premiered on October 6, it was revealed that she had only agreed to return in a limited capacity.


Today, ABC shared a sneak peek at the return of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 on February 23, 2023. The clip reveals that the episode, which is titled “I’ll Follow the Sun,” will follow Meredith’s departure from the hospital. The teaser is deeply sentimental, tracking Grey through her final day as she laments some of the recent challenges she has faced while also being celebrated by her loving coworkers. Check out the video below:

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How Grey’s Anatomy Can Send Off Meredith Properly

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy Finale

Considering how important the character of Meredith is to the series, which literally shares her name, it will be very important for her to receive a proper sendoff. So far, the teaser seems to be setting up a typical TV exit as Meredith says goodbye to her Grey’s Anatomy castmates and sets herself up for a bright future away from Seattle as she prepares to move to Boston in order for her daughter to attend a gifted school. However, given how central she has been to the show thus far, hopefully the show acknowledges her contributions, dedicating the bulk of the episode to her relationships with the other doctors, nurses, and interns rather than bringing in loads of extra drama outside of her storyline.

One other way that the show can properly send off Meredith Grey is by having her pass the torch to the only two legacy cast members who remain. Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey and James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber are the only two remaining original cast members, so it would be appropriate for the three to share a special moment. In addition, she will eventually yield the stage to the new crop of interns who have joined the staff this year. Hopefully, she will find a moment to inspire them as they move forward without her.

Is Meredith Leaving Grey’s Anatomy For Good?

Ellen Pompeo As Meredith Grey In Grey's Anatomy.jpg

Although Pompeo has been pulling back from Grey’s Anatomy, she will still be a presence on the series. First and foremost, she will likely appear in at least one more episode of season 19, as her contract states that she will appear in eight episodes and her final day takes place on episode 7. There will probably be at least a few scenes in a future episode following the character to her new home. The star will also be returning to provide the voiceover narration for future Grey’s Anatomy episodes, most likely in addition to remaining on board as an executive producer.

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