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Halo Infinite Fusion Coil Guide: How it Works & Where to Find it

In Halo Infinite, Fusion Coils are needed to complete a specific challenge but can also provide a strategic advantage against opponents.

In the Halo Infinite multiplayer, players can strategically use fusion coils to blow up their enemies. Similar to explosive barrels and environmental hazards in other games, the fusion coil is a container of compressed plasma that has added a unique element to Halo‘s multiplayer since its first appearance in Halo 2. By shooting the fusion coil multiple times, tossing a grenade near it, or causing it to impact something else, players can make the coil explode, killing anyone near it.

Halo Infinite added a new feature that allows players to pick up fusion coils by pressing the interact button. Instead of having to lie in wait for someone to venture close enough to trigger the fusion coils’ explosion like in the previous Halo games, players can now pick them up. Additionally, after picking up a fusion coil, players can now press the attack button to throw them. The fusion coil detonates when it comes into contact with another object, making it an effective way to quickly defeat enemy players or vehicles. Not only does this make for some unique and fun experiences, but the mechanic becomes a necessity for players motivated to complete multiplayer challenges to level Halo Infinite‘s Season 1: Heroes of Reach battle pass.


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The challenge involving the fusion coil is the Fusion Frenzy challenge. The task is simple: the player must kill an enemy Spartan with a fusion coil in PVP. While in previous Halo games this may have been an arduous feat, in Halo Infinite, having the ability to pick up fusion coils and toss them directly at enemies makes completing this challenge far easier to accomplish.

How To Complete The Fusion Frenzy Challenge In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Fusion Coils Location

In Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer, there are only a few places fusion coils can be found. The easiest way to find them is by loading a multiplayer match of Big Team Battle (BTB) and playing on the Fragmentation map. The Fragmentation map has the easiest access coils of any Halo Infinite multiplayer map, with the explosives located near each team’s spawn point and on various other platforms scattered throughout the map. Fusion coils can also be located around the arena map, Launch Site. Each map only has a certain number of fusion coils, which after detonating, do not respawn. For players attempting to complete the Fusion Frenzy challenge, finding a fusion coil at the beginning of the match is key in accomplishing it. Players equipped with Halo‘s grapple gadget can use it to pull the fusion coil to themselves, ready to throw.

The most straightforward way to complete the Fusion Frenzy challenge is to find a fusion coil and throw it at an enemy, close enough for them to die in the explosion. A direct hit from the fusion coil will one-shot an enemy player, even at full health. Tossing the fusion coil near an enemy player will still do a decent amount of damage, but depending on their distance from the explosion, it may not one-shot them if they are at full health. Collaborating with a teammate and having them fire their weapon to lower an enemy’s shield before tossing the fusion coil can increase the likely hood of eliminating the enemy and quickly completing the Fusion Frenzy challenge.

The fusion coil has long since been a part of the Halo multiplayer experience and Halo Infinite is no exception. While knowing how to find and throw a fusion coil becomes important to complete challenges and increase rank in the battle pass, players can also use them strategically to give themselves an edge against their opponents in multiplayer.

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Halo Infinite is available now on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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