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Iron Man Gets Revenge on the Villain Who Stole His Identity

Iron Man is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular heroes, but his latest scheme proves he’s also pretty petty – petty enough to impersonate Doctor Doom.

WARNING: Spoilers for Deadpool: Invisible Touch #5

While Tony Stark is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular icons, he isn’t the only character to have used the name Iron Man – and he’s finally gotten revenge on none other than Doctor Doom for usurping his heroic legacy. Although Tony Stark is certainly a hero, Iron Man has made some questionable choices. While his intentions are usually well-meaning, Tony frequently finds himself stumbling through some ethical great areas.

Deadpool: Invisible Touch #5 by Gerry Duggar and Lucas Werneck features the Armored Avenger in such a grey area as he inadvertently goes toe-to-toe against the Merc With a Mouth and the Invisible Woman. However, Tony doesn’t face his fellow heroes dressed as Iron Man. He confronts them wearing the armor of none other than Victor Von Doom.


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After tracking the Spot to his hideout as they try to track down Pandora’s Box – a flash drive containing world-changing patents belonging to both Iron Man and Mister Fantastic – Deadpool and the Invisible Woman are shocked to discover Doctor Doom as the Spot’s buyer. With Deadpool quickly incapacitated and the Spot fleeing, it seems the fight will come down to Sue and the Latverian despot, only for Doom to remove his mask and reveal his true identity as Tony Stark. As Iron Man explains how he hired the Spot to get his drive off the market, he can’t help but brag at the authenticity of his Doombot armor. While it may seem odd for Iron Man and Doom to switch identities, it’s not the first time this has happened, and as Tony says in this issue, “turnabout is only fair.”

While Tony Stark was out of commission following the events of Civil War II by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, more than one replacement Iron Man stepped up to the plate. While Riri Williams donned her own version of Tony’s armor to become the fan-favorite Ironheart, it was none other than Doctor Doom himself who laid his claim on the title of Iron Man proper. As the Infamous Iron Man, Doom wore the mantle surprisingly well, but, clearly, Tony still has some hard feelings. Even though he did far more good as Iron Man than anyone expected, at the end of the day, Doom is probably the last person Tony would want to fill his boots. Though he acknowledges that Doom made more than a few improvements to the Iron Man armor, Tony essentially admits that it’s his own vanity that’s driving him to commandeer a Doombot. Plus, Stark knows just how vain Victor is – and how much an impersonator would really tick him off.

While Tony Stark may not always be the most ethical hero in the Marvel Universe, he’s certainly one of the most entertaining. And while his latest ruse may not have been his brightest idea, he at least managed to get even with an old foe. But if Doctor Doom finds out he has another armor-plated impersonator, Iron Man will have hell to pay.

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