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King in Black is Taking on Marvel’s Emperor of Space

A Marvel Comics preview for King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling #1 reveals an unwelcome intrusion on Billy and Teddy’s relaxing honeymoon getaway.

Warning: minor spoilers for King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling #1!

Emperor Hulkling and his spouse, Wiccan, just want to unwind and enjoy their honeymoon together, but the King in Black has different plans for the newlywed couple. Following their long-awaited marriage amidst last year’s Empyre crossover event, Teddy Altman and Billy Kaplan appear to have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire by now getting involved in yet another war against an unstoppable cosmic threat.

Hulkling has gone through quite the evolution since his debut as a Young Avenger back in 2005. Nowadays, the son of the original Captain Marvel and a prominent Skrull Princess is weighed down by his duties as ruler of the newly formed Kree/Skrull alliance, two formerly warring alien races that don’t exactly have a history of playing nice together. With his half-Kree, half-Skrull bloodline, Hulkling has the immense responsibility of keeping the peace between these ill-tempered galactic tribes. Which is why it’s so rewarding to finally see him and his husband enjoying a relaxing moment together in the new Marvel Comics preview for King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling by Tini Howard and Luciano Vecchio – even if that moment lasts all of two pages.

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This preview for the upcoming one-shot King in Black tie-in issue starts out with a pretty hefty sense of foreboding, as it introduces a Kree/Skrull outpost crew that had only just been taken down by Knull’s symbiote forces. As these soldiers become gruesomely assimilated within the King in Black’s mindless ranks, the scene shifts to Wiccan and Hulkling settling into their sunny beach resort – a honeymoon gift extended to them by the Shi’ar Empire. Hulkling’s mind is, understandably, greatly preoccupied with kingly matters, and as usual, Billy is more than happy to help keep his partner grounded in the moment.

Wiccan Hulkling Kind in Black cover
Wiccan Hulkling King in Black credits
Wiccan Hulkling King in Black page 1
Wiccan Hulkling King in Black page 2
Wiccan Hulkling King in Black page 3

Of course, just as these two lovers finally begin enjoying some alone time together, Hulkling’s chief Accuser, Lauri-Ell barges in to demonstrate her complete lack of understanding social boundaries. As a warrior artificially bred for war, it’s hilarious to see Lauri-Ell so out of her element. Though she does prove herself quick to adapt by later joining Billy and Teddy out on the beach in a Kree-armored bathing suit and a cocktail in hand. Unfortunately, before anymore well-deserved leisure can unfold, one of Knull’s gigantic Symbiote Dragons arrives to ruin all the fun.

Wiccan Hulkling King in Black page 4

Despite the joking nature with which this preview presents the near-impossible task of Wiccan and Hulkling finding even a minute of free time together, it does set up a potentially serious complication for their relationship. Between just barely surviving the events of Empyre to now dealing with the unstoppable threat of the Knull, there’s no shortage of intrusions to this couple’s intimacy. These two characters have a strong love for one another, but the stresses presented by their unusual occupations can potentially cause a rift. Here’s hoping Wiccan and Hulkling finally get to enjoy an uninterrupted vacation once the King in Black is finally dealt with. King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling is available in stores and online March 3.

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