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Let There Be Carnage Failed To Answer Venom’s Biggest Mystery Set-Up

Venom: Let There Be Carnage leaves no clues about what happened to the symbiote invasion force in the first movie, or where they originally came from.

Spoilers ahead! This article contains plot details for Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Ruben Fleischer’s Venom saw Eddie Brock and his monstrous partner prevent an alien invasion of Earth but, after Venom: Let There Be Carnage, a lot of questions still remain unanswered. The sequel to Sony Picture’s 7th highest-grossing movie ever saw the introduction of Venom’s offspring and arch-nemesis, the ruthless Carnage. The story explored more about how the symbiotes work and developed the character dynamics between Eddie and Venom, as well as Annie and Dan. However, the movie failed to answer exactly what became of the other symbiotes mentioned.


Venom opens with a spacecraft crashing on its return to Earth, bringing a collection of symbiote “specimens” along with it. Later in the movie, Dr Dora Skirth explains to Eddie that Carlton Drake had been using his spaceships to “scout real estate,” encountering a comet and discovering millions of organisms. Riot, the villainous metallic symbiote, later confirms that they’re the leader of millions of their kind, and Venom themself explains their original plan to bring an invasion force to feast on Earth.

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Drake cryptically states that, once symbiosis is achieved, “they should be able to survive here, but also, we should be able to survive there.” But where exactly is there? And is Earth still in danger from marauding alien symbiotes? So far, the movies haven’t had any reason to give too much backstory for Venom’s species, but there’s a chance that future movies may give more details about the symbiotes. The writing in Venom draws inspiration from two comic miniseries, Planet of the Symbiotes and Venom: Lethal Protector, the latter title being referenced throughout Let There Be Carnage. Given this, there’s a good chance that future movies may follow suit, potentially providing some much-needed answers about the symbiote and their abilties. Planet of the Symbiotes, in particular, elaborates on Venom’s species and homeworld, while the plot centers around an invasion of Earth.

Venom sticking out his tongue in Venom

One character who plays a crucial role in Planet of the Symbiotes is Carnage, who is instrumental in repelling the invaders after realizing that they can become stronger by consuming other symbiotes. A spectacular moment sees Carnage grow to kaiju-like proportions, towering over city blocks. The movies have already hinted at this ability. Before their defeat, Riot attempted to eat Venom, and then nearly absorbed both Venom and Eddie at the same time. Venom later defeated Carnage similarly, by devouring them, although there’s still a possibility that Carnage could return in the future. If Carnage is truly gone, however, there’s another symbiote who could take on this role, with Detective Patrick Mulligan having been set up as the host for Carnage’s offspring, a powerful symbiote named Toxin. Regardless of who steps in, however, the ability to grow in size – and therefore pose an even more substantial threat to humanity – reveals a great deal about other symbiotes’ potential threat level.

While Andy Serkis has suggested a possible return to the Ravencroft Institute in a third Venom movie, any meaningful discussion of future storylines is still pure speculation. With Venom: Let There Be Carnage still in theaters, future movies may yet go in any number of directions. One thing is certain, though. To date, Venom is the 6th highest-grossing non-sequel superhero movie ever released, and the undeniable success of its sequel practically guarantees the Lethal Protector’s future return to the big screen. With a devoted Venom fandom on the internet, a lot of people will be eagerly looking forward to finding out more about the symbiotes’ backstory and what their plans for earth might be next.

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