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New World: The Best Ice Gauntlet Build

The Ice Gauntlet is one of New World’s most versatile weapons, with the best build providing crowd control and offensive and defensive abilities.

There are many weapons available for players to use and level up in New World. Among the available options, the Ice Gauntlet is one of four magical weapons that specializes in crowd control and ranged damage. With strengths, the Ice Gauntlet is one of the most effective weapons in the game, acting as a popular choice for casters who utilize their magic to damage and debuff enemies from afar.

Most weapons in New World draw from a player’s stamina, with their damage increasing as attribute points are distributed into either their strength or dexterity scores. The Ice Gauntlet is different; it is fueled by a player’s mana. Like the Fire Staff, the damage output of the Ice Gauntlet increases as players invest attribute points into their intelligence score. Like the other weapons in New World, the more a player uses the Ice Gauntlet, the more they’ll rank it up and receive skill points to distribute and customize their build.


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The Ice Gauntlet has two mastery trees players can choose to invest in: Ice Tempest and Builder. The Ice Tempest tree focuses on blasting enemies with ice, dealing damage, and slowing them. The Builder tree features more defensive skills, such as rooting enemies, creating a projectile-shooting turret, granting temporary invulnerability, and buffing mana regeneration. While each of these mastery trees is a great choice on its own, the best Ice Gauntlet has players invest skill points into both for a balanced mix of offensive and defensive abilities.

Creating The Best Ice Gauntlet Build In New World

The Ice Gauntlet’s active abilities in New World include the following:

  • Ice Spikes (Ice Tempest) – Launch a trail of ice spikes that deals damage, with the final spike dealing massive damage and pushing enemies away.
  • Wind Chill (Ice Tempest) – Blast a column of freezing wind that damages foes and pushes them back.
  • Ice Storm (Ice Tempest) – Create a circular storm that damages and slows enemies.
  • Ice Pylon (Builder) – Place a pylon that fires projectiles at enemies.
  • Ice Shower (Builder) – Summon a shower of ice that roots and slows enemies.
  • Entomb (Builder) – Enclose the adventurer in an icy tomb to become invulnerable and increase mana regeneration.

The best Ice Gauntlet build incorporates the Ice Storm, Ice Shower, and Entomb abilities. Ice Storm provides an effective area-of-effect that slows and damages enemies, which synergizes well with Ice Shower to root them, preventing them from fleeing the area. This can be an especially deadly combination in PVP when fighting over a contested control point in Faction Wars. Entomb is one of the best defensive abilities in New World, giving players ten seconds of immunity to all types of damage.

With its crowd control, offensive, and defensive abilities, the Ice Gauntlet is commonly paired with the Fire Staff to make a well-rounded, ranged damage dealer. The Warhammer is another common pairing with the Ice Gauntlet, as it is a two-handed melee weapon with its own set of crowd control abilities that can keep enemies pinned down. Even with the nerfs introduced in New World‘s 1.1 patch, the Ice Gauntlet continues to be an efficient crowd control and ranged damage option for all PVE and PVP activities in New World.

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New World is available on PC.

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