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Pokémon UNITE: 10 Tips For Playing As Blastoise

As one of the Pokémon franchise’s original 151 Pokémon, it was no surprise that Blastoise would eventually join the ranks of the spinoff MOBA, Pokémon UNITE.

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Blastoise is a powerful, tanky defender, with surprising amounts of utility and movement. However, there are tips that any player can keep in mind to excel when playing as the shellfish Pokémon. How can Pokémon UNITE players make the best of Blastoise within the game?

Focus On Leveling Up

Pokemon Unite Blastoise skin

Until it evolves, Blastoise in its pre-evolutions is at a disadvantage. When players are still stuck as Squirtle, playing aside a tanky teammate can help immensely. Squirtle’s Water Gun can also be used for its knockback, interrupting enemies attempting to score goals.


While Wartortle has access to stronger moves than Squirtle, players should be careful until Blastoise is fully evolved and has access to its full repertoire. 

Play With Your Team

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Gardevoir

As a defender, Blastoise excels when playing with its team. Blastoise possesses a plethora of options to allow it to protect its allies. For example, Blastoise can simply use its larger health pool to physically shield more vulnerable teammates.

However, if a player doesn’t want to put themselves in harm’s way directly, there are other options. Many of Blastoise’s moves knock back or disable enemies, allowing Blastoise to lock down enemies threatening teammates such as Absol

Play To Blastoise’s Strengths

Blastoise standing still in Pokémon Unite

If the giant guns protruding from its shell weren’t apparent enough, Blastoise is primarily a ranged attacker. This extends to both Blastoise’s primary attacks, as well as most of its special moves.

It is imperative that players use this range to their advantage. Not only can it give Blastoise a bulwark against melee-focused enemies, but that extra space can make it much easier for Blastoise to initiate slower moves without fear of provocation. 

Use Your Tankiness

A close-up of Blastoise looking menacing in Pokémon Unite

Blastoise comes blessed with a higher health pool than many other Pokémon, complimenting its spot as a defender. As such, Blastoise can use this inherent tankiness in a number of ways.

Not only can Blastoise use itself to shield teammates, such as attackers with less defense, but it can be used offensively as well. A combination of Blastoise’s defense and its mobility options means that players can easily chase down fleeing enemies, or capture more easily complete goals with less risk to themselves. 

Mobility Is Key

Blastoise's stat menu in Pokémon Unite

Blastoise’s mobility is a key part of its kit and helps it to truly set its own niche within Pokemon UNITE. However, choosing what mobility move is right is incredibly important. For example, Rapid Spin provides a bevy of utility options. Not only does it refresh cooldowns and provide a burst of speed, but it alters Blastoise’s other moves, turning them into area of effect attacks centered on it.

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However, Surf has its own uses as well. Not only does it allow Blastoise to travel quickly for a long distance, but it also disables enemies and knocks them back. This allows Blastoise to easily set itself up at the same time it is harassing opponents. 

Items Are Your Best Friend

The Item Box menu in Pokémon Unite

Choosing the correct items is an essential part of creating a powerful loadout for Blastoise. Thankfully, there are many items that Blastoise’s moves can easily synergize with. For example, the battle item Eject Button can provide another method of escape, if Blastoise’s inherent tankiness and mobility won’t be enough.

On the other hand, A Fluffy Tail can help with Blastoise’s early game leveling issues, making it easier to clear wild camps. This wide array of choices extends to held items as well. A Buddy Barrier can further augment Blastoise’s impressive unite move, while Wise Glasses will complement the special nature of Blastoise’s moves by boosting their damage. 

Hydro Typhoon Is A Game-Changer

Announcement for Blastoise's new attack in Pokémon Unite

Blastoise’s unite move, Hydro Typhoon, perfectly compliments the rest of its move set. Hydro Typhoon covers a massive area, throwing enemy Pokémon and giving Blastoise a damage shield. 

Hydro Typhoon has a massive number of possible applications for creative players. It can be used to initiate a team fight, interrupt enemies, or provide an opening in the midst of a chaotic engagement. Furthermore, its large size closely matches that of the Zapdos area, which can easily turn a climactic fight in the favor of Blastoise’s team. 

Basic Mechanics Are Still Important

Blastoise pointing its cannon at the other two Kanto Starters in Pokémon Unite

Interestingly, Blastoise has several mechanics that extend beyond its penchant for defensive tactics and crowd control. For example, Blastoise’s basic attacks contain a unique mechanic of their own. Every third attack, Blastoise’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack, dealing damage over time and slowing enemies hit by it. This can be incredibly useful, allowing for Blastoise or its teammates to capitalize on an enemy’s sudden vulnerability.

Interestingly, these boosted attacks also lower the cooldowns of Blastoise’s other abilities, allowing for them to be used much more freely.  Furthermore, Blastoise’s high health pool is complemented by its ability, Torrent. When at half health, Blastoise’s attack and special attack are increased, making Blastoise more dangerous when it is in danger. 

Mitigate Your Weaknesses

Bastoise standing against a purple background in Pokémon Unite

As strong as Blastoise is, and as much of a powerhouse it can be in the right hands, the iconic Water Pokémon still has several weaknesses that are imperative for players to work around. Pokémon with high mobility are a particular headache, as they can easily avoid Blastoise’s powerful crowd control abilities.

One of the most effective ways to combat these foes is to wait for them to use their mobility options. Waiting for an enemy to move, then immediately punishing them with a crowd control ability, can be a helpful way to secure a kill. Enemies with highly damaging ranged abilities can also prove troublesome, as they can body their way through Blastoise’s arsenal. Using Blastoise’s mobility against them can be a powerful strategy. By eliminating the enemy’s range advantage, Blastoise can put a fight on more equal terms. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Blastoise's move menu in Pokémon Unite

With a number of possible synergies, moves, and playstyles, players can experiment in many different ways with their playstyle for Blastoise. The differences between those choices can be astronomical, and can drastically alter how Blastoise functions.

A Blastoise using Rapid spin and Hydro Pump will play radically differently than one with surf and Water Spout. Players should do their best to find a style that isn’t just effective, but is entertaining for them to play as well.

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