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Stranger Things: 10 Season 4 Trailer Reveals That Need Answers

Strangers Things has undergone quite a long hiatus since its third season in 2019. Leaving fans thirsting to see what happens next, the long-awaited fourth season drops its first volume on May 27, with the second volume releasing on July 1.

With the new season arriving in less than two weeks, the only footage available is snippets from the trailers, with the latest giving a glimpse of the character’s whereabouts and perils. There are obviously a lot of hints and intriguing tidbits indicating where the new season might be going. However, the trailer revelations have left more questions than answers about season 4.


Taking The Fight To The Upside Down

Stranger things creel house key to upside down

The Upside Down is still very much an issue, but Stranger Things characters are taking a new strategy to bring it down. As shown in different sequences in the trailer, Steve and Nancy reveal their intentions to transport to The Upside Down and have succeeded with them and other characters, biking around the grim, disjointed world.

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However, this revelation leaves questions about what their plans entail to justify the necessity to travel to The Upside Down. The Creel house may likely possess the portal to The Upside Down, but the connection remains ambiguous. Even the origins of The Upside Down are still obscure, and many fans wonder how these characters will survive the dark, toxic world that only too few characters have dared to enter beforehand.

The Party Slowly Parting Ways

Mike, Dustin, Caleb, and Will wearing Ghostbusters halloween costumes trick or treating on Stranger Things

The friendship between Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas has been the highlight of the series. Their close bond and dedication to each other were the catalyst of the series when Will was missing in season 1. Since then, when things get tough, this group of friends has remained thick and thin, or at least most fans had thought.

Unfortunately, The Party is putting their friendship to the test, and it is not boding well. A small glimpse shows that Lucas is slowly climbing up the school ladder after joining the school’s basketball team, but not without an aloof reaction from Dustin and Mike. This part leaves speculations regarding the future of a once nerdy group of friends and whether it is the beginning of the friends parting ways.

Max’s Connection With The Upside Down

Perhaps the most intriguing scenes in the trailer are Max’s one-on-one with a decreased Billy at his tombstone, revealing the worsening events in Hawkins. However, the surprising bits show Max somehow levitating and even ending up in a bloody alternate reality.

These unusual occurrences revolving around Max leave numbing questions about the gravity of her character arc and whether she is the new target due to her connection with Billy. However, these moments reveal that Max will have a significant role and be crucial in setting up the events in season 4.

A Mysterious Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock in Stranger Things season 4

Many teasers and first looks have emphasized the importance of a mysterious grandfather clock. The latest trailer is no exception, with even Max encountering it in a school hallway.

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While the grandfather clock is a key element to exploring season 4, the trailers do not disclose its significance and connection to The Upside Down. Of course, the same grandfather clock appeared in early previews with the Creel house, so season 4 may likely showcase flashback scenes to address the matters.

Rock-&-Rolling In The Upside Down

Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4

One of the more bewildering scenes from the trailer is a mysterious individual rocking on his guitar clearly in The Upside Down. Of course, the series has become renowned for using classic ’80s music like “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” and the trailer jams to Journey’s “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).”

The guitarist eerily looks like the newest character Eddie Munson, the leader of Hellfire Club. It will be interesting to learn about Eddie, who could likely become a fascinating character. Nevertheless, this intriguing scene brings up more questions than answers, especially if the guitar solo means to bring a dramatic effect in The Upside Down or foreshadow someone’s death.

Hopper Imprisoned In Siberia

David Harbour as Hopper in Stranger Things Season 4 Header

The final moments of season 3 revealed that Hopper, undeniably the best Stranger Things character, managed to survive the blast but somehow ended up in Siberia. However, the trailers further revealed that Hopper remains imprisoned in a Siberian camp fighting smaller versions of the Demogorgon.

There are several mysteries behind Hopper’s latest whereabouts and the basis for what put him in Russia. Even a voiceover from Hopper states that he was “put in here for some other reason,” as fans are astonished how he survived the explosion in the first place. The sequences with Hopper in Russia are the most puzzling to comprehend, so hopefully, season four will fill in those missing blanks.

A War Is Coming

Stranger Things

As shown in one scene, authorities have taken Eleven in custody, but it’s not necessarily about any misconduct. Instead, Sam Owens desperately wants to recruit Eleven as humanity’s hope to win a so-called war, but does not elucidate the context.

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In one case, the war could refer to the situation with The Upside Down, since things are unsettling in the dark, cold world. However, considering the series sets in the 1980s, the war could also mean the Cold War. The third season introduced the Russians into the picture, which may make waves in political and military matters. However, this speculation needs to be further addressed.

A Fully-Powered Eleven

Millie Bobbie Brown with Shaved Head as Eleven in Stranger Things Season 4

Eleven was the most powerful and bravest character to take down The Upside Down and its monster, but the events in season 3 resulted in her losing her powers. She even reiterates this utterance that she no longer has them in the trailer.

Surprisingly, the trailer has shown Eleven moments with her head fully shaved, including one scene where she is bloody. However, the scene in question shows a younger Eleven, likely implying a flashback. However, another sequence shows an older Eleven (with her head shaved) managing to overpower guards. Therefore, this hints Eleven may regain her powers, but what triggers her psychic abilities to return is a mystery.

A New Grotesque Threat

The Stranger Things characters have faced the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer, but these monstrous creatures were not the last. The season 3 trailer introduced a new gruesome threat, the Vecna.

This new monster eerily appears human-like, which has raised questions about what it is. However, many fans speculate that the anthropoid could be any previously decreased characters, with a leading theory that the Vecna is Billy. Nevertheless, even some fans wanted a new Stranger Things villain, and it appears that has come true.

The Beginning Of An End

Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Erica in Stranger Things Season 4

The trailer iterates the same message about season 4; it is the beginning of the end of the beloved series. Netflix has already renewed the series for a fifth and final season, which the Stranger Things creators have always intended for five seasons’ worth of story.

The circumstances in season 4 will set the stage for the series conclusion, but the question remains how the penultimate season will develop the events for the show’s finale. Furthermore, the trailer hints at the high stakes, raising questions about what arcs will conclude and whether all the big players will survive or meet their end before the final season.

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