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The Secret Of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle’s First Team-Up Is Revealed

While Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have their own versions of their first team-up story, there’s only one hero who can reveal the real truth.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DC’s Blue & Gold #4

In the latest issue of DC’s Blue & Gold, the truth about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold’s very first team-up is finally revealed. Booster and Beetle have been best bros for years in the DC Universe, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their moments of tension. As a prime example, they both have their own version of their first mission together, adamant that they saved the other’s life. However, there’s only one hero in DC Comics who can recall the real truth.

In DC’s Blue & Gold series from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook, Booster and Beetle are re-teaming together to form “Blue & Gold Restoration”, a new venture where they’ll be tackling the wild and weird that the average A-list hero isn’t available to handle. While it may be in response to their rejection from the current iteration of the Justice League, they may be able to do some good all the same. Now, the duo decides to do an interview in their new offices, intending to show the world who they really are in the new Blue & Gold #4.


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Unfortunately, the interview gets entirely derailed when Booster and Beetle both claim they saved each other’s lives during their first mission together while the other was helpless. While Beetle says he saved Booster from the villain known as Blackguard while showing him the ropes when he joined the League, Booster says the exact opposite, claiming that Batman himself asked Gold to take Beetle under his wing. Unable to stand the ridiculousness of their stories Green Lantern Guy Gardner arrives to prove them both wrong, setting the record straight with his ring’s records.


After Guy proves he’s the one who defeated Blackguard and saved both Booster and Beetle after Batman’s fears they would make the Justice League look bad, the two best buddies finally remember their first team-up as Guy recalls it (how it actually happened). As a result, the fact that they were both helpless before a lower-tier foe most recently played by Pete Davidson in The Suicide Squad is absolutely hilarious and rather fitting.

While Booster Gold and Blue Beetle may act like one of them is the other’s sidekick, this new issue shows that they’ve always been on the same level. However, it does seem as though the two of them are better together. With lines being formed outside their offices already, here’s hoping their new business venture will help make a positive change in the DC Universe.

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