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V Rising: How to Move Your Castle Heart

Understanding how to move or completely relocate one’s Castle Heart in V Rising is essential for structural placement in PvP and PvE situations.

The Castle Heart serves as the Blood-powered epicenter of one’s base in V Rising, providing energy for various Structures within the Castle’s interior and preventing the Decay of its integral Foundations. While the location of one’s Castle will affect the efficiency at which a Vampire progresses on their journey, the placement of the Castle Heart can also have particular effects on gameplay. For example, for PvE servers in V Rising, having the blood well placed in an inconvenient spot might obstruct players from effectively placing their refining machinery and crafting workstations in the vicinity. As for PvP players, having their Castle Heart in a strategically safeguarded area is crucial for surviving Raids from opposing clans or stray hostile Vampires.


Therefore, there may come a point and time when the Castle’s owner might wish to move their Castle Heart to a different spot or relocate their base entirely. Both of these situations require specific conditions and requirements the Vampire builder must undergo. For instance, those with an established and expanded Castle will have a much harder time relocating their entire base but perhaps have a lot of extra room to move their Castle Heart.

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Conversely, those with a less developed Castle and only a limited amount of space can easily migrate to their base camp, resettling in a different location or region in V Rising. However, moving their Castle Heart might prove to be a challenge. Hence, players must understand how moving a Castle Heart works in V Rising if they intend to reevaluate their decision on the blood well’s initial placement.

How To Relocate A Castle Heart In V Rising

V Rising How to Move YourRelocating A Castle Heart In V Rising

First, to move a Castle Heart in V Rising, players will need to ensure the new spot is free of any structural or environmental barriers. Such obstacles include Vampire-made Structures such as Flooring and natural objects like rocks or bushes. More specifically, the site in question must be an unclaimed, blank dirt tile. Below is a quick step-by-step process of how moving a heart is conducted within the Boundaries of a base in V Rising.

  • Step 1: Press the B key to open the Build Menu
  • Step 2: Hover over the desired tile where the Castle Heart is to go and execute its removal by pressing the spacebar
  • Step 3: Select the heart and place it in its new spot

Alternatively, relocating the Castle Heart to an entirely new location is more tricky:

  • Step 1: Remove/Dismantle every single structural object in the Castle, including Boundary tiles
  • Step 2: Dismantle the Castle Heart and rebuild it in a new place

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V Rising is available on PC.

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