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Where to Find (& Catch) Sunfish in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, players can find a Sunfish during Spring or Summer seasons at the river, and it can be used for cooking, gifting, and quests.

In Stardew Valley, players will need to find and catch a Sunfish if they hope to complete their fishing and cooking catalogs. Additionally, players will need to find and donate this large brown fish to complete the Fishing Bundle in the Community Center. Players can also use the Sunfish in several recipes in Stardew Valley or as a gift for the residents of Pelican Town.

Players will be able to find a Sunfish only during the Spring and Summer seasons in Stardew Valley at the river from 6 AM to 7 PM during sunny weather. The river runs through Pelican Town, and it can be found separating the land between the JoJa Mart, Clint’s shop, and the Museum from the rest of town. Additionally, the river runs along the bottom of town before the beach and through Cindersap Forest. To improve their chances of finding the Sunfish, players should cast their fishing line out from the shore and begin fishing as soon as the day begins. Players should note the Sunfish is an easy to moderate fish to catch.


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Additionally, players can improve their chances of successfully catching a fish in Stardew Valley by using a tackle, bait, and an upgraded fishing rod. Players can purchase the Iridium Rod, the highest quality fishing rod available from Willy’s shop, and attach tackle to it to make fishing easier. For instance, the Cork Bobber will increase the size of the player’s fishing bar, and the Lead Bobber will prevent the fishing bar from bouncing at the bottom. Players can also craft bait, which will increase the frequency of spawning fish. Additionally, as players level up their fishing skills, they will earn a larger fishing bar.

How To Use Sunfish in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fishing

Once players have a Sunfish, they can sell it, cook with it, or gift it. The sale price of a Sunfish will vary based on its star quality and which upgrades the player selected for their fishing level, but the base price is 30 Gold. The only recipe in Stardew Valley that requires a Sunfish is Baked Fish. However, players can also use it for recipes that can be made with any fish, such as Maki Roll,  Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer. The Sunfish is disliked by most villagers as a gift but is a neutral gift for Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy. Players should avoid giving it to Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre as it is a hated gift for them.

Players will also need to donate a Sunfish to the Community Center if they chose the base game without randomization at the start of their game. For example, if players put their Sunfish in a Fishing Pond, it will produce Roe or Solar Essence once players have 10 total Sunfish. Additionally, players can use a Sunfish at a Sewing Machine to produce a Fish Shirt. For quests, Demetrius or Willy in Stardew Valley may request a Sunfish on the bulletin board outside of Pierre’s shop. Additionally, players may also find a Sunfish from the Traveling Cart, which appears near Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays.

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Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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