Burn off that holiday stress at TITLE Boxing Club in Evanston

EVANSTON, Ill. — Looking to let off a little steam while getting a workout in?

TITLE Boxing Club Evanston offers boxing training classes in a group fitness setting for any skill level of boxing.  

Participants work at their own pace on a 100 lb heavy bag, reaping the benefits of training like a boxer without getting hit in the face.

Most people have never boxed before, which is why they offer an intro to boxing 30-minute session to teach the basic punches and lay the groundwork for one of the 45-minute sessions.  

“One of the main points that makes us different is that we are non-contact, we’re using the sport of boxing for cardio, strength, toning and getting a full-body workout without getting hit in the face,” said Monica Mooney, Director of Operations.

Non-contact boxing classes

What can you expect from a 45-minute class? Warm-up round that includes hitting the bag for eight-rounds and ending with core/floor exercises. Additional benefits of this full-body boxer’s workout include stress relief, building confidence and endurance and being part of a community.  

To learn more about TITLE Boxing Club, click here.

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Title Boxing in Evanston

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