Chicago company teams up with Malort, creates ‘Chicago Handshake’ drinking card game

The folks at Chicago’s Transit Tees are set to launch its Chicago Handshake drinking card game, Chicago Handshake. The game is designed for those 21 and over who know and love their Chicago trivia, traditions and nostalgia.

The fun twist of the game is (depending on how you view it) that if you collected enough Chicago Municipal Device-themed tokens, you’ve got the honor of Chicago’s love-hate notorious rite of passage: The Malort shot with a chaser of Old Style, in other words, The Chicago Handshake.

The Chicago Handshake itself has a long history in the city. Jeppson’s Malört is Chicago’s local beskbrännvin—a style of bitter, wormwood-based Swedish schnapps. Sold as medicinal alcohol during prohibition, it became a staple of every Swedish bar on Clark Street and the rest is Chicago history.

CH Distillery purchased the Malort brand in 2018 and now proudly produces it in its Pilsen distillery.

The Chicago Handshake game

The creators of the game believe that the Chicago trivia on everything from specialty food to the blues and architecture to booze is a fun way to pass the time at your favorite bar. Players may be required to duel it out naming great Chicago monuments or musicians until someone just can’t remember one.

A favorite is the “Drag It Through the Garden” card. It gives players a chance to showcase their knowledge of the classic Chicago Style hot dog. The “Deep Dish Discussion” card might cause a family feud.

“We’re a Chicago team working hard to create games that our friends and family will enjoy for years to come. The Chicago Handshake Drinking Card Game brings people together over Chicago trivia and creates a playful opportunity to watch someone you know drink a real Chicago Handshake, featuring the iconic Malört, of course,” Transit Tees owner and Founder Tim Gillengerten said. “Plus, the card game is easy to transport to your favorite bar or friend’s party, for games on the go!

For more information on the free launch event of the Chicago Handshake, click here.

Examples of the game cards

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