City Council discusses new ward map, Bears potential move to Arlington Heights

CHICAGO — Chicago’s City Council met on Wednesday, with members debating on a new ward map and the Chicago Bears’ potential move to Arlington Heights.

The deadline to draw up a new ward map is December 1, with the council’s Latino Caucus demanding more representation in the city’s legislative body.

With Chicago’s Latino population continuing to grow, the caucus is demanding 15 seats. The city’s Black Caucus said it’s not willing to lose any aldermen.

Alderman Gilbert Villegas said the Latino Caucus is holding firm and will not leave another seat on the table.

“Our colleagues are locked in. We are demanding 15 seats. We’ve had an increase in the city’s population for a second decade in a row and we’re not going to leave another seat on the table,” Villegas said.

The city’s ward map continues to be drafted behind closed doors, with calls for the map to also include an majority-Asian ward for the first time in the city’s history.

Another issue on the table is the Chicago Bears’ plans to move to Arlington Heights. Alderman George Cardenas showed concerns over what taxpayers will be responsible for.

“This organization wants us to build them a new stadium when we haven’t finished paying the other one yet, to a tune of a billion-something dollars. For what? So we can increase more wealth? And we get stuck with the tab, so I think it’s a non-starter for taxpayers and for constituents. I love the Bears, I think a lot of us love the Bears, all I’m saying is why don’t we figure out a way to own our own team,” Cardenas said.

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