Names behind week of Cook County coronavirus deaths as nation passes 500,000 dead

On the same day the United States passed the half million mark in COVID-19 deaths, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office released its weekly list of local victims.

I don’t scour the list looking for stories every week the way I once did.

But if you want to understand the scope of the pandemic’s toll, the list of the dead is a good starting point.

The medical examiner reported there were an additional 107 COVID-related deaths in Cook County last week, the lowest tally since last October.

For today, all I’m going to do is list them. For most of the winter, I wouldn’t have been able to even do that much because there were so many.

If you read through the list, I think you’ll see what I’ve seen: that COVID has reached into every corner of the county and touched every group.

My coding is simple: M for male, F for female. W for white, B for Black, H for Hispanic, A for Asian, and O for other. Hometowns listed where available.

Marjorie Blake, 77, FB, Chicago; Catherine Roberts, 61, FW, Buffalo Grove; Willie Bond, 64, MB, not listed; Theodore C. Roos, 100, MW, Northbrook; Augusto Barrera, 76, MH, Melrose Park.

Mohammad Samara, 79, MO, Oak Lawn; Carl Malik, 75, MW, Monee; Dimitrios Hatzigiannis, 83, MW, Niles; Gualberto Lopez, 81, MH, Niles; Steffi Augustyniak, 94, FW. Chicago; Kristof Switepki, 65, MW, Chicago.

Johnny Bonner, 77, MB, Chicago; Kevin Davis, 63, MW, Chicago Heights; Stanley Koszewski, 76, MW, Elk Grove Village; Louis Orlandini, 87, MW, Northbrook; Edward Correa, 89, MW, Chicago; Crispina Ramos, 71, FH, Chicago; Michael Kelly, 84, MW, not listed.

Ramon Grenee, 79, MB, Chicago; Larry Stefanik, 83, MW, Northlake; Raul Lopez Castillo, 68, MH, Carpentersville; Regina Wojcik, 89, FW, Chicago; Jose Perez Patino, 78, MH, Des Plaines; Giraldo Bordabeheres, 89, MH, Chicago; William Earner, 62, MW, Crestwood.

Michael Boler, 65, MB, Chicago; Juan Aleman, 41, MH, Hanover Park; James Busch, 78, MW, Oak Lawn; Julie Kokotovic, 75, FW, Chicago; Antonio Cabrera, 74, FH, Chicago; Thomas Spychalski, 72, MW, Oak Lawn; Judy Wrublik, 75, FW, Bartlett; Mario Ruiz, 83, MW, Cicero.

Marcus Connor, 70, MB, South Holland; Vernon Crabtree, 87, MW, Creal Springs, IL; Peter Cucuz, 75, MW, Chicago; Isaih Lewis, 88, MB, Phoenix; Pedro Montano, 79, MH, Chicago; Jeffery Thrasher, 63, MB, not listed.

A florist demonstrates how to make floral arrangement for a funeral, amid the coronavirus pandemic at a floral shop in Arlington, Virginia on Monday.
Olivier Douliery/FP via Getty Images

Janeen Ross, 85, FW, Hoffman Estates; Maribel Rivera, 63, FH, Northbrook; Augusto Barrera, 76, MH, Northlake; Mary A. Dapkus, 71, FW, not listed; Freeman E. Cramar, 85, MW, not listed.

James Martin, 64, MW, Chicago; Rosendo Bautista, 60, MW, not listed; Angela Thomas, 53, FB, Chicago; Gerald Javior, 85, MW, Palos Heights; Charles Karavidas, 89, MW, Arlington Heights.

Sonya Perez, 71, FH, Chicago Ridge; Kenneth Scales, 62, MB, not listed; Pedro Salanaca, 72, MH, Cicero; Timkur Subbaraju, 76, MO, Arlington Heights; Robert M. Valach, 84, MW, not listed; Israel Dominguez, 47, MH, Chicago.

Berj Gueyikian, 85, MW, not listed; Ronald Marchetti, 77, MW, Chicago; Dennis Martin, 67, MW, Arlington Heights; Yasir Khan, 43, MA, Palatine; Richard S. Barthelt, 71, MW, not listed; Candace White, 63, FB, Chicago; Adelaido Sanchez, 74, MH, Blue Island.

Donald Bekelski, 76, MW, Elk Grove Village; Denzial L. Bond, 69, MB, Country Club Hills; Leon Simpson, 85, MB, Chicago; Thomas Campbell, 90, MW, Prospect Heights; Zenonia Masnica, 74, FW, Chicago; Vilennia Oganova, 93, FW, Chicago.

Bertha Grayer, 93, FB, Chicago; Tenner Ferguson, 98, FB, Maywood; Teresa E. Licata, 87, FW, Lemont; Lee E. Caridine, 72, FB, Chicago; Jose Mendoza, 66, MH, Chicago; Geraldine Mager, 72, FW, Elk Grove Village; Donna Schisley, 65, FW, not listed.

Clyde Christion, 71, MB, Chicago; James Kuczora, 84, MW, Arlington Heights; Celestine Warren, 82, FB, not listed; Dennis Turskey, 79, MW, Deerfield; Alla M. Stewart, 91, FB, Chicago; James Polk Jr., 72, MB, Chicago.

Tashana H. Barlow, 44, FB, not listed; Wilson Robles, 72, MH, Chicago; Richard C. Gabriel, 72, MH, Chicago; Sylvester Broom, 72, MB, Chicago; Mingchang Wang, 75, MA, Chicago; Robert Tsioles, 40, MW, Naperville.

Larry Pretzman, 73, MW, Ingleside; Socorro Benitez, 70, FH, Chicago; Dale Robinson, 60, MB, Burbank; Stanislaw L. Pietras, 77, MW, Chicago; Mabel L. McCurty, 69, FB, Burbank; Ronald Walton, 63, MB, Calumet City.

Cynetha Johnson, 68, FB, not listed; Charles Tate, 71, MB, Chicago; Severine Flores, 71, FH, Chicago; Victor Bowhlman, 96, MW, Wilmette; Aureliano Andrade, 57, MH, Chicago.

Please consider that there is an untold personal story behind every name on that list, and the list comes out week after week.

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