Butterball Offers Emotional Support and Plenty of Turkey


Previously, we reported on potential turkey shortages this year due to the Avian Flu virus affecting flocks of fowl around the country. Well, calm your feathers. Butterball recently told the Observer that while the spread of the virus has been a challenge for the turkey industry, there have not been supply disruptions.

“In fact, less than 1% of our total production has been impacted,” a Butterball representative said in a statement. “We anticipate having a wide range of sizes available for both fresh and frozen whole turkeys. This is due in part to what we learned from the 2015 outbreak and changes we implemented that have us well positioned this time around.”

And this is significant considering that Butterball turkeys represent one in every three on our Thanksgiving tables each year.

As far as prices, the news is mixed. The price of turkey has risen over the past year: 40 cents more per pound than a year ago, according to the USDA National Turkey Report. However, many retailers will start running specials. And don’t forget you can save 10% if you wear a Cowboys jersey to Tom Thumb or Albertsons on game days. Parlay that with one of those flu-shot coupons and you’re golden. Maybe.

In other news, Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Lines are already open, with more than 50 experts ready to answer your question about preparing and roasting your bird this year.

The Turkey-Talk Line experts can answer your questions at 800-BUTTERBALL or text 844-877-3456. To save you a little trouble, here’s a great video on how to thaw your bird.

This year there’s even a Butterball Comfort Calendar with “24 days of expert advice and emotional support for an amazing Thanksgiving.” The tips and encouragement can be downloaded on the website. Great call on starting desserts the Tuesday before.

You can also follow Butterball on Instagram for more turkey hacks, and you can even ask Alexa for help. Just say “Alexa, ask Butterball…” to hear Talk-Line experts share answers to all your turkey questions.

If you’re already overwhelmed, here’s our take-out guide and here’s a list of great spots that are open on Thanksgiving around North Texas. Gobble. Gobble. Gobble. 

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