Well-Known Conservatives Are Jumping on the Drag Show Drama Now

The protests that broke out a couple of weeks ago during a family-oriented drag show in front of the Mr. Misster lounge in Uptown are now attracting the attention of big names in the world of conservative pundits. And that list of names reads like a who’s-who of the “Who Gives a Crap?” crowd.

Until two weeks ago, practically no one outside of extreme right circles recognized names like that of white supremacist John Doyle and unfunny troll Alex Stein, whose act seems to be the satirical equivalent of the guy who still says “My wife” in Borat’s voice.

This group raised a big stink at a Pride Month event that led to actual threats of violence. It all started when the uptown bar staged a family-friendly drag show. Stein showed up, and he and other protesters harassed the performers and talked about how they deserved to be shot, all of this after someone called the venue with a bomb threat prior to the show. News of these events have now wafted their way up the extreme right’s pecking order. And now they can’t stop talking about it.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the reigning queen of screwhead conspiracies, heard about the alarmist protests over the drag show and jumped on the carcass for another morsel of bloody meat and gristle. She posted on her Twitter page that she plans to introduce “a bill to make it illegal for children to be exposed to Drag Queen performances” in between tweets about how immigrants are hoarding baby formula.

She also tried to defend her doomed-to-fail bill by characterizing drag queens as “child predators” and said that filing legislation to staunch drag performers’ right to free expression is “not a hate crime. It’s being a good parent.”

Later and without any semblance of understanding the concept of irony, Greene posted about how Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s inevitable extradition to America is something we should stop “if we really care about the First Amendment.”

If Tweets were considered literature, Greene would win a Nobel for her fiction.

She’s not the only person with the power to waste government money on photocopy toner and not the only one in Texas wasting tax dollars on a ridiculous cause. Bills calling for bans on children at trans-related events are popping up in city councils and state legislatures all over the country, including Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis who became the reigning Sauron of the LGTBQ+ community with his “Don’t Say Gay” bill for the state’s school districts. Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini wants to go even further and take children away from parents by making it a felony to bring a child to a drag show, according to NPR.

Candace Owens, the famous conservative who will hopefully never be in charge of anything, contributed to the anti-trans dialogue on her Daily Wire show Candace, which is basically The View for people who listened to Alex Jones but need something that doesn’t damage their hearing.

She said in her video titled, “Yes, We SHOULD Be Stigmatizing This” that “If I saw that walking down the street towards my child, I’d probably call the police.”

She also sarcastically characterized Pride Month the way a toddler tries to tell a joke that never reaches a punchline.

“But hey, it’s Pride Month,” she says in the video. “So you better well have worn your rainbow sprinkles and whatever else it is,” continuing with: “You better throw on some glitter and rainbow glue onto your face. Put a little flag in the corner of your house that shows that you just love, love, love it so much.”

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