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A New Search for Jimmy Hoffa

He never told anyone about the new location, until, on his deathbed in 2008, he told his son. So in this version of events, for a span of 33 years or so, only one man knew where Hoffa was buried. And then he told one man, and died.

That’s how you keep a secret.

Which the son did, until his own health took a turn. He told the whole story to Dan Moldea, an expert on all things Hoffa, a few months before he died in March 2020. Frank took Moldea out there to show him. I think he felt the time was right and there would be no recrimination because all the players are dead.

By the time Hoffa disappeared in 1975, as you wrote, it had been an open secret that his days were numbered. He was trying to regain control of the Teamsters, but that wasn’t happening. What about Anthony Provenzano, the New Jersey mobster known as “Tony Pro.” How does he fit into the picture?

Did you see “The Irishman?” I think the situation was similar to what’s in the movie. Hoffa was having issues on two fronts. The Teamsters did not want him back in charge. And Tony Pro had gone from friend to enemy over some fight they had when they were in prison together, as shown in the film.

Back in Jersey City, it sounds like it wasn’t an easy burial.

In Paul’s telling to his son, Hoffa’s body was stiff and wouldn’t fit in the barrel unless he was facing headfirst, not feet first. Then, Frank thinks his father loaded the barrel on a front-end loader and put it in a large hole he had dug. Then he covered that with smaller barrels on top, along with bricks and dirt. Then he covered the whole thing with a bulldozer.

What did Dan Moldea find when he went to the dump site with Fox Nation? And what happens now?

The Fox Nation reporter hired a ground-penetrating radar technician to meet them and Moldea at the site. The technician said he discovered shapes below the earth that appeared curved, like barrels. This is not a high-quality X-ray image we’re talking about. It’s pretty vague, and you need an expert to interpret it.

We think the F.B.I. did its own ground-penetrating radar search in October and is analyzing the results. Maybe they decide there’s nothing down there. Maybe they dig up whatever is there. Stay tuned.

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