Watters: The left is trying ‘capitalize’ on the Buffalo, NY shooting to divide the country

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Jesse Watters discussed the mass shooting in Buffalo over the weekend and how Biden and the Democrats are using it to politicize race once again on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Not Waukesha or Brooklyn. What do you think the difference is? Well, we know what the difference is. Both of those shooters were black supremacists with black nationalist ideologies, both equally as repugnant as the Buffalo shooter. So why is the left capitalizing on this attack and ignoring the others? Well, we have an idea. Rolling Stone lays the playbook out perfectly. Quote, “The Buffalo shooter isn’t a lone wolf. He’s a mainstream Republican.” And there you go. The goal is to conflate white supremacists with the Republican Party. This is done to shame Republican voters and galvanize Democrat voters, especially African-Americans. It’s about as dirty as a political move as there is in American politics.


 But it’s the Democrats bread and butter. Let’s look at the facts. This is an individual who is radicalized in the greasy, dark crevices of the Internet where he spent most of his time browsing twisted websites out of boredom during COVID lockdowns and getting hooked on watching videos of other mass shooters. His parents failed him. His teachers failed him, and he failed himself. This is not your normal 18-year-old, people who went to school with them even mentioned he was the kid who actually showed up to school wearing a hazmat suit after lockdowns, trying to isolate from the whole world.

People light candles at a makeshift memorial near a Tops Grocery store in Buffalo, New York, on May 15, 2022, the day after a gunman shot dead 10 people. – Grieving residents from the US city of Buffalo held vigils Sunday after a white gunman who officials have deemed “pure evil” shot dead 10 people at a grocery store in a racially-motivated rampage (Photo by Usman KHAN / AFP) (Photo by USMAN KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

 In his crazy manifesto, which we read so you didn’t have to, he blatantly said he’s not a conservative, not a Christian, but considers himself a white supremacist, a left-wing authoritarian and an eco-nationalist. Those were his words. He even admits to using an AR-15 to inflame the country and trigger a crackdown on the Second Amendment and says he targeted New York specifically because of their heavy gun laws, since he knew people carrying in this state would have a limited magazine capacity. The manifesto is filled with anti-Semitism, a fixation on the declining white birthrate and weapons tactics. The left is seeking to capitalize on this racially motivated attack to further divide this country by race and profit from that division politically and financially.


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