After days in line, Montreal travellers finally receive appointments for passport renewals | CBC News

Nelly Kamagou is still hoping she can get her passport before tonight’s flight.

She’s been in line, waiting outside the passport office at Montreal’s Guy-Favreau complex, since Monday night. She’s watching the clock tick down towards her 5 p.m. flight to Cameroon.

“I’m tired. I’m frustrated,” she said. “Nobody came here to say: here, take a coffee, did you sleep well, do you need something? Nobody.”

“They are making a lot of speeches on the TV, but here on the floor, we see nobody,” she said.

Kamagou was one of the hundreds of people still waiting in line Wednesday morning, the queue snaking around the block. Karina Gould, minister of families, children and social development, said the delays at the Guy-Favreau office were the worst in the country.

Hundreds were still waiting outside the Guy-Favreau passport offices Wednesday morning, as the government brought in a new system to clear the queue. (Jennifer Yoon/CBC)

The federal government promised that a new system would be put into effect Wednesday. One by one, those waiting began to receive tickets with a fixed appointment time, so they could leave and come back with minimal delays.

It felt like the light at the end of the tunnel for some, who have been sleeping outside for days at a time.

“I want a bed,” lamented Maxime Renaud-Blondeau, who has also been waiting outside since Monday.

He’s already missed one flight. His plane to Atlanta was supposed to take off Wednesday morning. He said if he doesn’t get his passport today, he’s giving up on his trip entirely.

“I’m just going to say: I’m not going, Mom, I’m not coming,” he said.

Prior to the new system being put in place, those waiting had taken matters into their own hands, implementing their own first-come-first-serve system to keep people from cutting in line. Police were finally called in to take over crowd control.

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