COVID-19 is Australia’s third most common cause of death so far in 2022, new analysis shows

COVID-19 is believed to have caused more deaths in Australia so far this year than some of the country’s traditionally…

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Long Covid more common in people who are unemployed and not seeking work

You’re more likely to have long Covid if you’re unemployed and not looking for a job, official figures show One…

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Great white shark sightings becoming more common in Atlantic Canada | CBC News

There are more great white sharks swimming in Atlantic Canada waters in recent years, and that’s good news. In the…

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Board Gaming Hub Common Ground Games Reopens on Much Bigger Ground

As board gaming was slowly making a resurgence as a billion-dollar industry, Common Ground Games opened in 2013 and grew into…

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New York

What Do Most Mass Shooters Have in Common? They Bought Their Guns Legally.

The Biden administration renewed its calls to ban semiautomatic weapons and expand national background checks in the wake of the…

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Entertainment & Arts

Rod Stewart Tells Bill Maher He and the Queen Have Something in Common

Bill Maher had one of his best guests EVER on “Real Time” Friday night … Rod Stewart, and the timing…

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