NASA reportedly had contingency plans for Russia’s ISS exit last year | Engadget

Yuri Borisov, the newly appointed chief of Roscosmos, recently announced that Russia is pulling out of the International Space Station…

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With Kenney’s exit, the ‘resistance’ era is over — but something louder might follow | CBC News

Late in 2018, Maclean’s magazine put five Conservative leaders on its cover and billed them as “the resistance” — an…

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‘Legendary’ Soviet-era Moskvich car could be revived after Renault exit

The “Moskvich” Soviet-era car brand could make a surprise comeback in Russia, as Moscow takes over assets belonging to Renault…

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De-Arching: McDonald’s to sell Russia business, exit country

McDonald’s is closing its doors in Russia, ending an era of optimism and increasing the country’s isolation over its…

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