Owners are giving up their pandemic pets. Here’s what Toronto Animal Services is doing about it | CBC News

There is a growing number of animals looking to find new homes in Toronto as owners who bought pandemic pets at the height…

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Monkeypox could become endemic in Europe if it spreads to PETS: Health chiefs stark warning

Monkeypox could spread to pets and wildlife and become endemic in Europe, health officials warned yesterday. Experts on the Continent…

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Do cloned pets actually look and act like the original?

(NEXSTAR) – Cloning may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s already happening here in the…

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Nevada animal shelter helps domestic-violence survivors stay united with their pets

LAS VEGAS – When domestic violence survivors think about leaving their abusers, one deterrent is leaving their pets behind. Very…

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Pets of people experiencing homelessness are as well taken care of as any other animals, study indicates | CBC News

The co-author of a recent North American study into the health of the pets of people experiencing homelessness hopes to challenge the stigma that those…

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