6 hours ago

    Lawsuit challenges hundreds of Fairfax County absentee ballot requests

    Fairfax County insists it is following state election laws properly, denying the thrust of a new lawsuit this week that…
    17 hours ago

    Harris pushes get-out-the-vote effort to boost McAuliffe’s split chances in Virginia

    Vice President Kamala Harris stumped for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Thursday, urging supporters to make sure they turn out in…
    20 hours ago

    Courting Hispanic vote, Youngkin ditches illegal immigration, MS-13 talk on campaign trail

    Republican Glenn Youngkin has embraced much of the Trumpian policy playbook in his bid for Virginia’s governor’s mansion, with a…
    22 hours ago

    Parents advocacy group launches $1M ad campaign against McAuliffe, invoking safety in schools

    A parents advocacy group kick-started a $1 million digital ad campaign targeting Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe by highlighting school…
    22 hours ago

    Time ticks by fast when battling homelessness

    D.C. officials are facing several deadlines — all of their own making — and it doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing…


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