7 Best Villages In Europe You Can’t-Miss

Known for its colorful and unique architectures and brimming destinations, the villages of Europe have been underrated and sometimes unnoticed by many. The distinct and colorful villages of this continent are one of the reasons why countries in Europe are well-loved and popular. Overpowered by famous infrastructures in the continent. So, still confused? No need to be. Just plan your getaway and book delta airlines reservations right away and grab up to 40% off on every booking to your favorite location. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip ever.

Here are some of the most beautiful villages in Europe

1.     OIA, Greece

Oia is the most renowned and most delightful towns in Santorini and in the whole of Greece. It is known for its beauty and nightfalls. Its traditional structure, thin roads, blue-domed churches, and sunbathed verandas attract a lot of travelers across the world. Oia highlights the maritime history museum and Venetian Fortress. The town has just been recognized everywhere in the world and is considered as quite possibly the most lovely towns ever made.

2.   San Gimignano, Tuscany

With its picturesque hillside, vineyards, landscapes, and rolling hills. San Gimignano in Tuscany is famous for its medieval architecture, looks unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses. The hilltop town provides a relaxed antidote to the bustle of Siena and with its enchanting views across the cypress-topped hillsides, it feels a million miles from city life.


3. Olympos Village Karpathos

Located at the northwest of Karpathos, Olympus is built while preserving the green forests surrounding it. With a population of roughly 400 occupants, the town itself is a museum with its traditional houses, lavish valleys, and cliffs that lies on the slope of a mountain. The settlement of this town gives an ideal climate and amazing landscape, particularly when the clouds come down and surround the town. Olympus has figured out how to hold its crude methods of living and still organizes traditional festivals devoted to the Assumption of the Virgin.

4.    Manarola, Cinque Terre

With a post-card perfect scenery, Manarola is located on the top of the indigo Ligurian Sea. With its rainbow-colored homes that pile up brightly, perched on the rocky projection surrounding by the terraced vineyard. That’s the reason why this village looks straight out of a movie scene.



5.    Pitigliano, Tuscany

An authentic architectural kaleidoscope, uncovering a layer upon the town’s set of experiences. With its uniform and tight medieval packed houses shaped in the tuff stone, Pitigliano portrays the enigmatic Etruscan cave and amazing mazes, which is significantly situated on a volcanic stone surrounded by lavish green valleys.


6.    PLAKA

Probably the oldest neighborhood of Athens, Plaka is situated under the Acropolis hills. The whole town is full of historical beautiful and lovely buildings and pretty Cycladic houses prompting the Acropolis. Plaka is very lovely and has an authentic traditional layout that adds character and allure to the town.

Plaka was one the center point of old Athens thus Ancient Agora, the Tower of the Winds, the Temple of Zeus, the Acropolis and the Herodes Atticus is situated in this town. On the off chance that you need to experience the historical and cultural beauty of Greece visit Plaka and you will never be disappointed. just book delta airlines reservations and reach here and start exploring it.

7.    RONDA

A tiny, seemingly inconsequential Spanish village, Ronda has one of the most peculiar locations for a city.  Known as a spectacular mountain top city, Ronda is one of Spain’s oldest cities. Farmland surrounds the city while many of its whitewashed buildings is perched on the edge of the mountain cliffs. Ronda sits at the heart of Serrania de Ronda and is an amazing location surrounded by river valleys and a deep gorge that divides the town in half. The third most visited city in Andalucia and offers many exciting sights such as; Puente Neuvo bridge that took 42 years to finish and joins the old Moorish town and the new El Mercadillo.

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