Where will we find the global tech hubs of the future?

For as long as most of us can remember, Silicon Valley in California has been THE global tech hub to know about. With so many top technology companies based there and such a thriving local tech scene, this made sense. As times have moved on, though, other places around the world have emerged to challenge Silicon Valley’s position in this area.

While places such as London, Singapore and New York are nothing new in terms of being hotspots for the sector, there are other locations making their own claim to the crown. But where are we likely to find the next batch of global hubs for technology in the future?

Warsaw and beyond

If we are talking about emerging global tech hubs for the future, Poland is a great place to start. This is a country that is full of tech innovation, with multiple companies in the sector. As a result, there is a fast-growing tech scene in Poland. The online casino sector is particularly strong in Poland and this sees many iGaming sites being made available there. Vulkan Vegas is one such Polish online casino that offers some awesome games and a mobile app.

In terms of a specific place in Poland that could become its tech hub, Warsaw is the best guess. The investment scene has grown hugely in Poland over recent years (around 461% since 2010!) and a large part of this action is in Warsaw. With many high-level tech events happening there (such as Agile Warsaw and Aula Polska) plus a Google Campus and companies like Growbots to its name, the city is certainly rising fast in the tech landscape.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been bubbling along nicely in the tech sector for a few years. This Middle Eastern tech hotspot has the largest number of startups per capita outside of Silicon Valley, and an eco-system for new businesses in the region of $47 billion. A large part of this landscape is AI-based tech startups, with over 40% of new businesses in Tel Aviv working in AI.

Strong support for tech businesses from the Israeli government (such as the Tech Incubator program, set up in the 1990s) has helped considerably, and the presence of multi-national tech giants such as Google and Amazon in Tel Aviv is a big plus. With online security, big data and cloud-based businesses thriving in Tel Aviv, it seems that the city could make Israel a hub for technology in the near future.


While Poland is making waves in Europe as a future hub for tech, it is not the only place on the continent making its presence felt. Amsterdam is fast emerging as a respected tech innovator. The city has shown rapid improvement in its technology sector in recent times and could soon be a real force.

For Amsterdam, the handy geographical location of the Netherlands is a bonus. When you add in how well connected the Netherlands and therefore Amsterdam is to the world, it is easy to see why the tech sector here is thriving. There is also an investment promotion agency in the city, working hard to attract exciting names in technology. Top names operating here include Adyen, which was previously valued at $8bn, and fintech innovators Plaid.


As with Tel Aviv, Bengaluru is a tech hub that has been steadily building for a few years. It is already known in India as THE place to base a technology business – but it could soon become a true global hub. The signs are very good when you begin to dig deeper. The city is known as being easy to live in and a pleasant place to spend some time. This should help it attract not only more global tech brands but also the workers they need.

India is home to a real hotbed of tech talent, and is especially known for its custom software development businesses and IT-related startups. Bengaluru is also home to many venture capital funds, which has helped stimulate the emerging technology sector there. Big companies to have come out of Bengaluru include edtech firm BYJU, advert platform Quikr and e-commerce platform Flipkart.

Global tech hubs battling for prominence

 From Boss’s latest high-tech guitar to social media sites, tech is now key to our lives. We have all been used to Silicon Valley being the top dog in terms of technology, with other places such as London following close behind. While this is not likely to change overnight, it is true to say that other locations around the planet are starting to emerge as global tech hubs.

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