What to Expect from a Workday Implementation Partner

Sure, Workday’s cloud apps for HR and finance are technological marvels that are making it easier for organizations to handle their HR, recruitment, and payroll processes. More and more companies are signing on, typically because they wish to consolidate multiple ERP apps, often across disparate geographical regions, into just one app. I mean, it’s common for businesses that don’t have Workday to have an app for each process, including payroll. Workday solves that.

However, Workday can’t work in a silo. To get every ounce of efficiency and cost savings you can from it, you must somehow integrate the app with your current on-site cloud systems.

That and more is where expert external help comes in. Here’s what to expect from a Workday implementation partner.

What is a Workday Implementation Partner?

Because Workday understands that you’ll save time and money and if you get help with deployment and ongoing issues, it has carefully pulled together a global community of systems integrators and regional consulting firms that have deep knowledge of Workday processes and functions. These services partners – there are more than three dozen – are trained extensively on all things Workday and have the know-how to help you get everything coming to you from your Workday investment.

And the thing is, these partners don’t just help organization with deployment. Nope. While obviously huge, implementation is just for starters. And as is fitting, these partners also help enterprises continually adopt new capabilities.

What About Mercer?

As Workday implementation partners go, Mercer is an established, international leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments, and has some 20,000 employees spread over more than 43 countries. The firm itself operates in more than 130 countries.

One of the things that sets Mercer apart is that it features a nice blend of consulting and business acumen, which makes for an effective complement to its Workday advisory and deployment service capabilities.

What Does Mercer Do?

As a fully certified partner of more than a decade, Mercer dispatches teams to simplify and drive your strategic efforts using solutions and methodologies that increase your ROI.

Mercer can help you with deployment, teach you how to best use the Workday system, provide app management support, and optimize all functions. Ongoing support is a must.

How Does Mercer Do It?

The firm, which has extensive knowledge of HR best practices and financials, by the way, takes the time to understand your people, as well as your talent strategy, and why you went with Workday.

It also makes certain your company’s Workday Human Capital Management meshes with your business requirements and processes. And it will take your talent management strategy and integrate Workday into it, relieving your already stretched IT team from tackling something with which its mostly unfamiliar.

Mercer will use its holistic approach, plus a detailed and tightly and cogently defined implementation plan, to transform your company’s finances in a way that assures data accuracy and adoption.

What’s more, Mercer will bring the entire Workday platform to bear to optimize collaboration between HR and finance to provide an overarching view of ERP data.

And lastly but not least, the partner Mercer will help you manage applications and adopt new features so that you can take advantage of Workday’ constant innovations.

Now that you know what to expect from a Workday implementation partner, you’ll enlist the help of one of them to wring the most of from your fancy new system. We recommend Mercer, for all the reasons above. The firm has partnered successfully with Workday for years and brings a lot to the table even beyond its launch prowess.



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