The Most European-Style Cities In America

As a continent, Europe stands out for its food, architecture, and the fact that every country is completely different from the last. So, it’s no wonder people visit there in the millions each year.

But, however much of an exciting trip it is, people in Washington don’t have to go all the way across the world to experience everything it has on offer. There are plenty of European-style places to visit in America.

Washington DC/Paris

When thinking about Europe, one of the top cities that comes to mind is Paris. Washington DC is a city that wonderfully mimics the best parts of this cool French metropolis. While walking through the chic, stylish streets of Washington, it’ll come as no surprise to learn that many parts of the city were designed by French-born American architect, Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

Paris is one of the bustling hubs of Europe and Washington DC is also humming, it’s a wonderful city to get that charming and energic feeling the French capital offers. A great way to do this is at one of DC’s many cafes. It’s easy to learn more about the great cafes in the city and you can effortlessly find one to spend the day in, sipping coffee and people watching the Parisian way.

















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Las Vegas/Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a city in Monaco and is nestled between France and Italy. It became globally famous back in 1856 when Prince Charles III of Monaco commissioned a clubhouse to be built for the economy. As a result, Monto Carlo is now renowned for its roulette, poker, and blackjack.

It’s true that, with many online gaming experiences available, that casino feeling can be replicated from wherever you are in the world. You can find more info here about the online casinos that have true Monte Carlo and Las Vegas-style with slot games, table games, and live dealer games to choose from. But, where can people go if they want to make a trip of it? Good old Las Vegas, of course! Visitors can go there and enjoy the same experience tourists to Europe have been doing since the 19th Century.

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Leavenworth /Bavaria

Many places on the West Coast take a strong influence from Europe. However, Leavenworth in Washington’s whole vibe screams Germany. As part of an initiative that began in the 1960s, Leavenworth has been shaped into a Bavarian-style village. The town is filled with wooden, German design buildings and even has a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Visiting Leavenworth truly is like taking a step into a Bavarian fairytale.

If you can’t make it to this European-esque town, then a great way to get a taste of Leavenworth is to visit a Christmas market. This way, you can absorb the vibe of Europe whilst getting to shop for fun things at the same time. You can easily discover more info about German Christmas markets and when they are on through the web.

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Whether heading to Las Vegas, Washington DC, or Leavenworth, there are plenty of places to experience Europe without having to cross a single drop of the ocean.

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